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With so many nanny agencies in Canada it can be overwhelming to know who to turn to and who you can trust in finding the right nanny for your family. Nanny agencies in Canada like everywhere else in the world donít often have the best reputations. Many parents fear that an agency is just after their money and not interested in the security and wellbeing of their children and a successful match of nanny to family. It is important that you get a good feeling from the agents you speak to. Always make sure that you speak to someone from the nanny agency directly and make sure they are interested in getting as much information as possible about your family, the position and the type of nanny you need.
If at all possible go to a local agency. That way you can meet with an agent face to face. So if you live in Vancouver, do try to find a nanny agency in Vancouver.
When looking for the right nanny agency in Canada, remember that no matter how many years of experience the nanny agency has, you are the expert when it comes to the needs of your family and the type of care you require for your children. You want to hear the nanny agency ask you lot of questions, appear genuinely interested and offer ideas of local nannies that may suit your family.
Below is a list of questions you should ask a nanny agency you are considering registering:
1. How many years has your nanny agency been established and how many placements have they made?
2. Do placements often break down and if so what is the main cause?
3. How do you vet the families that come to the nanny agency?
4. Does the nanny agency work as a local nanny agency or does it service all of Canada?
5. Does the nanny agency work only with local nannies? For instance if you are based in Toronto does the nanny agency only deal with nannies in Toronto or do they work with nannies from other cities?
6. Does the nanny agency interview all their nannies personally?
7. Do they contact the nannies previous references?
Of course as many questions as you fire at your Canadian nanny agency you must always go with your instinct. Any uneasy feeling about an agent or nanny agency, then the nanny agency is not for you.
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Many nanny agencies in Canada provide referral services nationally or regionally and may be found in multiple province queries: Toronto Ontario Vancouver BC Montreal Alberta Calgary Edmonton Ottawa Winnipeg Mississauga , Oshawa, Oakville, Peterborough, Kitchener, London, Hamilton, Barrie, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Halifax Abbotsford Kelowna  Barrie Kingston London, Fort McMurray Oshawa  Peterborough Victoria Windsor Québec Winnipeg Hamilton Red Deer Woodstock Kamloops Regina York Region

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